Revving Up Excitement: Introducing Our New Car Washing Referral and Rewards Program

rian herrmann
May 07, 2024By rian herrmann

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new Car Washing Referral and Rewards Program! At Shine Time, we are always looking for ways to show appreciation to our loyal customers and make their experience even more rewarding.

What is the Car Washing Referral and Rewards Program?

The Car Washing Referral and Rewards Program is designed to thank our customers for their continued support and loyalty. By referring friends and family to our car washing services, you can earn exciting rewards and discounts on your future visits. Also, participate in the new "Car of the Week Program" to receive 50% off any wash of your choosing.

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"Car of the Week" Challenge

Join our exciting new "Car of the Week" program, where you can win a fantastic 50% off your next car wash! Every Monday, we feature a poll on our Instagram story showcasing ten cars—either from past services or upcoming clients who've shared their car photos. Follow us, participate in the voting, and see if your car wins the spotlight and the big discount. It's simple: the car with the most votes by the end of Monday wins!

How to Participate

Getting involved is easy. Make sure you're one of the first ten to submit your car photo or be among our most recent clients. The poll runs all day Monday, giving everyone a fair chance to vote for their favorite. Whether you're a car enthusiast or love seeing your vehicle shine, this is the perfect opportunity to engage with our community and show off your ride.

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Rewards and Community Engagement

The winner of the "Car of the Week" poll gets an impressive 50% off any car wash service for a future appointment. This is your chance not only to save significantly on your next wash but also to become a part of a growing community of car lovers. Join us next Monday, participate in the poll, and maybe your car will be our next celebrated winner!

Join us next Monday on our Instagram and get ready to cast your vote! Let's grow our community together and have some fun along the way. Who knows? The next "Car of the Week" could be yours!

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How Does It Work?

It's simple! When you refer a friend or family member to our car washing services, make sure they mention your name when we visit/book them. Once they have completed their first car wash, you will automatically receive a reward credited to your account.

What Rewards Can You Earn?

For every successful referral, you can earn a range of rewards, including:

  • Credit towards your next car wash
  • Exclusive access to special promotions and events
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